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Home Learning

To help children put the ipads away and to keep them going with writing and maths here are some suggestions for learning opportunities at home.

Housepoints will be awarded to pupils completing each piece of homework - which is brought in to school to show the class teacher.

  1. Have fun in the snow!
  2. Practise Times Tables and Number Bonds.
  3. Practise your spellings and write a sentence or even a story using the words.
  4. Curl up on the sofa and read a good book.
  5.  Make a cake or pancakes - use measuring scales to weigh the ingredients. Write out the Instructions for how you do this. Draw a picture, or take a photo of what you cook.
  6. Write a persuasive letter - persuading a friend to read your favourite book. Remember - add arguments for reading it and arguments countering any reasons they may give you against reading it!
  7. Pick a piece of news, research what it is all about and write about it. Remember - neat hand writing and good punctuation!
  8. Write a recount of what you have done on your days off. Draw pictures or take photos to add to your recount.
  9. Design a snow dragon - draw it. Imagine it is on the field and then write instructions on how to catch it! 
  10. Make up your own number/word challenges. Write them down and see if your Parents and Siblings can answer them.