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Virtual Learning Environment

Each year group has a designated virtual learning environment (VLE). Our school uses Google Classroom as are VLE provider.

Information about children’s learning, documents, announcements and remainders, homework and timetables are shared on our VLE. Please note, this information is not shared on our website. The usage or our VLE in monitored by the school. Parents and carers are directed to their child’s VLE by the class teacher.

Our school also uses G Suite for Education. This includes Gmail, Google docs, Slides and Sheets and Google Drive. In this way, pupils can save their files in Drive and access them from any device they are able to create and share documents where multiple people can also access and work on the same document at the same time. Pupils are also able to post comments about their learning or enter discussions in safe environment t – providing pupils with more opportunities to engage in their learning.

Google doesn’t own the data or sell data to any third parties. There are also no ads in G suite. Google also encrypts emails and is committed to the security and privacy of data. Gmail is also spam protected.

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