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4 October

The children are expecting to arrive at school around 3:25pm today! we hope they've had a fantastic time.

3 October 2019

The children had a fanstic time building carts - which worked really well. They also got incredibly muddy on the assault course challenge - have a look at the photo! Pupils also had their problem solving skills put to the test with a series of challenges whist others enjoyed a more relaxed time in canoe. 


 2 October 2019


Today, we made rafts and tested them out. It was a little bit cold but, we still had lots of fun. After that, we took a shower and went to see our friends. Sophia T


We went in a freezing cold lake but I had a blast! Louis B


We built our own raft and got very wet, it was cool. Nate



We really enjoyed scuba diving backwards.

I think it was incredibly fun even though it was cold. 




1 October 2019

The children had a really good sleep. Most were sound asleep by 10pm and many had to be woken up for breakfast. No one woke in the night! Which is great. Having visited today, they are all having a great time. We were also very lucky with the weather with some rain in the morning and a sunny afternoon.


Yesterday we made our trip to Kingswood. We did the mini Olympics which consisted in running several races. This morning, we did orienteering which proved to be really difficult. After that, we did crate stacking which was fun. We had to stake crates with people on the top of them! We had sausage roll and chips for lunch and we are now going to do the 3G swing.


Yesterday we arrived here and had a tour of the site. We had some time to sort out our rooms and beds. Then we had crate stack where you had to stack crates while we stand on one then move to the other crate when it was stacked. When we got to the top we had to jump off! After you jumped you got to kick the tower down.

We then had dinner. After dinner, we had a mini olympics competition. We returned to our rooms tired.  


This morning we did 3G swings which was amazing. You were attached to a swing which was pulled up by everyone else. You then pulled on a rope to release you. Great fun.


Dotty, Emily Rose and Maddie


When we arrived at kingswood the staff there showed us the dormantry which we were going to sleep in.The rooms had there own en-suite and had a pair of bunk beds so everyone was happy. After we had settled in, we followed our team leader to activities. Our group did archery first with Cathy. Rohan and Daniel G were the best at it but everyone tried hard. Then we went for dinner. After that, although it was wet, we went to a hall and did mini Olympics inside. Mrs Gooch’s team were the winners over all but we all had fun, especially when we had to do the best catwalk model!

By Edward C

The first activity we did was archery. I wasn’t really good as I kept on missing the target. But Leah hit the black ring around the target which was REALLY hard to aim for. (We also learnt how to pick up arrows)The next activity was the 3G swing. We all got into harnesses and two people went on at a time. When it was was time for me to go on the whole group pulled us up into the air. I was scared at first as I wasn’t sure what to do but the instructor told me to pull the green rope. Once I was up n the air, I pulled the string and we were released from the rope holding us up. It felt strange as I had that weird feeling in my stomach as we went back and forth. Eventually we stopped and it felt really strange to have my feet on the floor again.

Maya p



30th September 2019

The pupils have arrived safely at Kingswood. Beds were made and luggage unpacked. In the afternoon, pupils were off on their first activitiy - very excited!